Successful wedding

Successful wedding

Wow! That was fun!

I deejayed the wedding of John and Paula in Queenston, Ontario, right on the border of the U.S. The Queenston Heights restaurant is a beautiful spot (even if we kept blowing out the power!) – and the staff was amazing, friendly and helpful.

The coolest thing about the wedding was that Paula and John had a definite vision in mind. Their idea was to share their love of music with everyone – and it worked spectacularly well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a wedding, a backyard birthday party, or a huge corporate Christmas/Year-end bash, having a plan and a vision is a great place to start. I offer free consultations about all kinds of parties – and then once we have a contract in place, you get an additional meeting with me (by phone or in person) to discuss the details and help sort out the fine points.
But enough from me. Here’s what the Bride had to say in a Facebook posting.

Paula wrote: “A BIG Thank You to all who were at our wedding on Friday. We hope you had a fun experience. Another BIG THANK YOU to Tom Jokic who did an AWESOME job as DJ. You are one amazing guy!”

Thanks Paula! You are an amazing woman – especially since you did something on Friday night that you’d never done before – sing in front of an audience. (Paula serenaded her new hubby with an emotional rendition of “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk).
Not to be outdone, here’s what the groom had to say about the reception:

Hey Tom; Thanks again for your services Friday evening in Queenston. Everyone had an amazing time and said the music was top notch. There was lots of positive feedback about the costumes and dance routines too. You certainly know how to keep the crowd entertained!

(BTW – John’s proposal to Paula was a real classic. He rented an entire theatre and sang a song from “The Phantom” to her!)

Whatever your event is, I promise to work hard to make it a memorable and fun experience!


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