Beware Of Friends With iPods!

Beware Of Friends With iPods!

iPods have made music very portable in the last few years – to the point that some people are deciding to “hire” friends to deejay their weddings and parties.

While that may work for house parties, getting a crowd on a dance floor (and keeping them there) isn’t as simple as hitting “play” on your portable device.

That’s why hiring a professional disc jockey is the way to go for important events. My experience allows me to “read” a crowd and to play to their tastes (all the while keeping YOUR specific requests in mind). Also, many iPod Deejays don’t have mixers, which means there is a long, awkward gap between songs – always a momentum-killer.

And does your friend have a wide variety of music – one that will appeal to EVERYONE at your party? Sure, Daft Punk and Kanye West may sound great at a club, but you have to know the right time to play these artists at a wedding or party.

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Tom J.

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