Your Wedding

Your Wedding

Perhaps the most important event in your life, your wedding will likely be remembered as both one of the most well-planned events you’ve managed – and also one of the most chaotic. Hiring the right deejay is a great way to control one of the most crucial elements of the evening.

I believe that my job begins not when the first dance occurs, but hours earlier, when the first guests arrive in the reception hall. From that moment on, your wedding has to exude the mood that you want to convey – shimmering class, casual elegance, friendly exhuberance – or a mixture of everything. My job is to create the perfect atmosphere with music and professionalism.

Weeks before your first guests arrive, I will discuss your reception down to the finest detail, but we’ll still leave room for the unexpected to occur. (Those are sometimes the best parts!)

As for the music – my years of experience (more than 20) have allowed me to not only build up a massive collection of perfect songs, they have also taught me how to “read” a crowd so that I can keep the dance floor busy all night long!

Once the plans are in place, you can still reach me anytime with last minute changes and suggestions!

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