Your Upcoming Events – Book Now!

Your Upcoming Events – Book Now!

It’s been an unusually busy summer and early fall for deejaying – and I hope to keep it going over the next few months. Not surprisingly, I’m already booking Christmas and year-end parties.

I’ve got a few on the back burner for late November and early December. If your company wants to add a lotta life and energy to this year’s party, let me know! My number is 416-985-2894 – or you can fire off an email to But don’t wait too long – the dates are filling up!

By the way, one of the most common complaints I’ve heard about deejays in the last few months is how they tend to only play one type of music at their event. Based on my experience, you have to play to all the various groups of people at the party. Which means sometimes you play Rihanna, and then you play The Beatles.

Once you’ve established that you’re playing for everyone, you’d be surprised at how many young people will love dancing to the oldies and how many older folks will stay for the dance pop of today. When they realize that they aren’t being ignored by the deejay, everyone tends to stay at the party just a little bit longer!

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